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Nobles Law Firm inks contract with Volks Anwalt

US-Bankruptcy-CourtNobles Law Firm has entered into a partnership agreement with Volks Anwalt Law — a firm in New York — to take bankruptcy referrals in Arkansas.

Under the agreement, Volks Anwalt will use its national marketing muscle to send local bankruptcy clients to Nobles Law Firm — an area of law in which attorney Ethan C. Nobles has substantial experience.

Naturally, Nobles Law Firm will take on bankruptcy cases that have come through its own marketing efforts, but the arrangement with Volks Anwalt means that the firm will have more opportunities to help out fellow Arkansans who are struggling to make ends meet.

Of course, we’ll still offer the typical array of services that clients have come to expect — estate planning, probate work, criminal defense, family law, evictions, contracts, real estate law, etc. We’ve just entered into an agreement to expand into another area.

Nobles law firm will focus on consumer Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcies, but is set up to help out struggling businesses needing protection from creditors, too.

If you are struggling with debt, worried about losing your home to foreclosure, are troubled by threat of a garnishment or think a bankruptcy might get you the fresh start that will let you sleep at night, then call us at (501)794-9742 to set up a free consultation.

3 thoughts on “Nobles Law Firm inks contract with Volks Anwalt

  1. Katie b

    Big mistake! Unless you guys like screwing people who are all ready having money problems out of money!!!!!! Check out there reviews on BBB! They will ruin your rep!

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