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  1. Paul Chapman
    Apr 30 - 12:37 pm

    This was rather informative. I just received a Hi Point C 9 as a gift and find it actually a very good gun and carry it along with my M&P 40 when out shooting. My oldest brother in De Kalb, Mo. has a Hi Point 40 and loves it. As for me I really haven’t had much bang bang time with it but still like it. However I am having the feeding issues and that is how I found this post. Thank you for putting it out there. I will try your suggestions. Thank you.

    • Ethan
      Apr 30 - 3:45 pm

      I hope the tips work for you. My C9 has been great since I messed with the feed lips a bit. I’ve got better guns, but the Hi-Point is a workhorse, for sure.

  2. BillieBob
    May 16 - 2:43 am

    Crap article. If a firearm needs to have modifications done before it even works properly, it is not worth having. Having to dial it in with tons of ammo defeats the point of a cheap purchase price. Taurus makes inexpensive firearms that are more reliable at nearly the same price. And by the way, it’s “magazines”, not “clips”.

    • Ethan
      May 17 - 1:03 am

      A Taurus costs quite a bit more, actually. I own a Taurus 738 TCP .380 and it works great, but even that low-budget mouse gun costs more than a Hi-Point.

      This is an article about a budget gun that works quite well for the price. Would I give up my Smith & Wesson Shield .40 S&W, Bersa Thunder .380 ACP or Stoeger Cougar .40 S&W for a Hi-Point? How about the Ruger GP100 .357 magnum revolver I should have within the next week? No, but that’s not the point, is it? If someone invests some time breaking in a Hi-Point and tuning the thing, then these little pistols are serviceable self-defense weapons. If someone is operating on a limited budget, a Hi-Point isn’t a bad option at all and that is the entire point here.

      • BillieBob
        Jul 03 - 6:55 pm

        As of today (7/3/16) A Taurus 738 runs $199 through buds guns. a Hi Point 380 runs $139. Add in $25 for the FFL transfer and you’re paying $224 and $164 respectively. I would much rather pay the $60 difference and have a gun that is an actual compact (or even sub compact) gun that I can carry anywhere and not have it show and is reasonably reliable than save $60 and have a compact gun (with the size of almost a full size) with questionable reliability (without modifications). By the way, Taurus also offers a lifetime warranty regardless if you are the first or 20th owner. Open carrying is fine and dandy, but you allow yourself to become a target. If you are openly carrying during a robbery, and the robber sees it, who will he shoot first?

        • jbarntt
          Jul 06 - 9:23 pm

          Why would I want a sub compact pistol with a shorter barrel and lighter weight for home defense that costs more than a third more than the Hi-Point? Felt recoil is going to be higher and has a smaller mag. Makes no sense.

          For 20 bucks more I could get the Hi-Point c9 and have more stopping power, and still be less expensive than the Taurus 738. I see no value in the Taurus for the use the Hi-Point is designed to fill.

          The Taurus is for a different use case than the Hi-Point.

  3. Bruce
    May 30 - 3:05 pm

    Everything you said is exactly right! I love my HP .45 , I love it’s weight and size too. A 1911 feels like a toy in comparison. I bought it new at a general store in Pa for $127 dollars over 20 years ago, never had a problem with it. I open carry so the size don’t matter. Been shooting the heads of moles in my yard all spring at 25/30 feet, can’t beat HP!

  4. Wolfcub
    Mar 12 - 3:41 pm

    I have the hi point c9 the 40 jcp and the 995ts carbine. I have had no issues with any of them. For all 3 I spent less than one glock. I’m not a rich man all got them all at separate times. But I will say this . I trust theses guns with my life and my family’s lives. No there not concealed carry. But there great guns.

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