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Legal OTR: Case Dismissed – ‘Criminal Liability’

old-radio-table-book-glassesIt’s the weekend, so why not relax with some sparkling lawyer-themed old time radio?

We’re starting a new OTR series this weekend — Case Dismissed, which aired in 1954 and was brought to the airwaves by the Chicago Bar Association. Was this series over-acted and a bit ridiculous at times? Frankly, yes. However, it was also well written and more than a bit of fun. We’ve got 13 episodes we’ll post in the coming weeks, so give them a chance and enjoy them, huh?

By the way, if you are on the hunt for your favorite old time radio programs and don’t want to spend a fortune, head on over to They’ve got a huge selection over there, unbelievably low prices (a mere pennies per episode), fast shipping and great customer service. And, yes, you can find the Case Dismissed series over there as well as a lot of other stuff.

And a very special thanks to the folks over at Old Time Radio Researchers Group for both making the Case Dismissed series available and for their efforts to preserve OTR programs.

Having said all of that, click the below link and enjoy this week’s program.

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