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Legal OTR: Case Dismissed – ‘Landlord and Tenant’

legal otrWhat could be better on a Thursday night than an old time radio episode about legal concepts which may or may not apply in the 21st century?

Lots of things, perhaps, but that’s beside the point. Old time radio is great fun, and the Case Dismissed series is incredibly entertaining. That series, of course, was sponsored by the Chicago Bar Association back in 1954 and contains all of the overacting and overblown drama you’d expect. This short-lived series was more fun than a barrel full of monkeys and should be truly appreciated by those who appreciate the vintage entertainment.

Keep in mind that there aren’t a whole lot of episodes of Case Dismissed out there. However, we can thank the fine folks over at Old Time Radio Researchers Group for preserving and making available the 13 episodes we do have. That group is dedicated to the preservation of OTR programs and does a fine job of keeping those old shows around for current and future generations to enjoy.

By the way, if you are on the hunt for your favorite old time radio programs and don’t want to spend a fortune, head on over to They’ve got a huge selection over there, unbelievably low prices (a mere pennies per episode), fast shipping and great customer service. And, yes, you can find the Case Dismissed series over there as well as a lot of other stuff.

Click the below player to listen to the show:

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