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Legal OTR: Mr. District Attorney – ‘I Hate Killers’

old-radio-table-book-glassesIt seems a few people came by to listen to last week’s old time radio (OTR) broadcast, so why not post another episode of Mr. District Attorney?

Keep in mind that this program, like many other ones from the Golden Age of Radio, appears to have fallen into the public domain. Posting those episodes is fine and dandy in a legal sense, then, so why not enjoy them? This program was on the air a whopping 62 years ago, but it is still more fun than a barrel full of monkeys.

Mr. District Attorney, by the way, graced the airwaves in 1952 and was more successful as a television program and a comic book. I’ve got 10 radio episodes and will try to post one a week before going on to another OTR classic that has something to do with the legal profession.

So, sit back, turn up that volume, click the below link and enjoy some sparkling entertainment, huh?

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