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Regions Bank warns of scam targeting lawyers

domain-renewal-scam1Regions bank sent out a letter (click here for a copy) to us here at the Nobles Law Firm warning of yet another scam targeting attorneys.

According to the Regions letter, the scam involves a law firm receiving an email from a foreign entity requesting the firm to act as a collection agency or purchasing agent on its behalf. At some point, a counterfeit check will show up with a request that the firm deposit the check, keep a fee and return the remainder to the foreign entity by wire.

As you may have guessed once the law firm figures out they have cashed a counterfeit check and have sent good money to a scammer, it is already too late. That is a rather old scam, but one that seems to be making the rounds again.

The regions letter states anyone receiving a message and check as described above to contact their local Regions bank or call the company’s Corporate Security office at (205)261-0140.

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