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Scam alert: $7,000 federal grant

MC900104722‘Tis the season for scammers, seemingly.

I got a call this morning on my office phone from (209)759-4315 from someone offering a $7,000 federal business grant that didn’t have to be paid back. What a deal, huh?

Turns out that’s nothing more than a scam and an old one, in fact. That old chestnut was covered at length in this article.

The hook here is that the scammer offers $7,000 but you’ve got to send in a $200 processing fee before the grant will be released to you. That ought to set off a few red flags, eh?

Unlike some other scams I’ve reported on lately, this one isn’t aimed directly at attorneys.

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2 thoughts on “Scam alert: $7,000 federal grant

  1. Brenda B.

    I received a call saying I had been awarded a personal grant for $7000. To receive it, I would have to go to a Western Union location. I was then instructed to bring $400 and pay $133 each for three vouchers for three payments. I was told that I must call the Federal Grant agent before I went in to pay my fee and collect my payments of $2666, $2666 and $1668, because Publix, where I was instructed to go couldn’t give me one lump sum payment of $7000. Needless to say, I must have sucker written next to my description in the scammers logs, because every new scam usually makes its way to me. Now, after almost losing $4000, I am leery of free money that falls out of the sky. “I think I see the money falling now.”

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