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Scam alert: Ma-Shan Iron & Steel Co.Ltd

road-sign-464653_1280Evidently, this was a heck of a weekend for people trying to scam lawyers.

I wrote about this one I received Sunday morning. Later that day, got another one from someone purporting to represent Ma-Shan Iron & Steel Co.Ltd.

Here is the full text of that one:

Dear Attorney

My company would like to sue our client for breach of contract and we are looking for a lawyer who has experience in the field of law that relates to our case. Contact us for more details if you handle such cases.


Lachlan Wang
Director of Human Resources
Ma-Shan Iron & Steel Co.Ltd

A very interesting thing here is that Ma-Shan Iron & Steel is a real company. It is a huge steel producer in China. That would be a great client to have, huh?

Alas, the aforementioned email is just another bad check scam targeting lawyers according to this site.

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