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Scam alert: Hisayo Yimada

road-sign-464653_1280As anyone who has spent more than five minutes on the Internet ought to know, the old WWW is full of scam artists trying to separate people for their hard earned cash.

When one of those scams aimed at lawyers shows up, I feel obliged to warn people about it. I received one scammy letter just this morning from someone calling himself Hisaya Yimada. Mr. Yimada, seemingly, needs an attorney to help his company — GOSHO Industrial Co. Ltd. of Osaka, Japan — purchase some heavy equipment.

The full text of the letter is as follows:

Dear Counsel
I found you through an internet search. I want to inquire if your firm handles Purchase transactions and agreements in your area in the United States.
A referral will be welcome if this is not your area of practice.
PS: Due to language barrier and time difference, communication via e-mail will be most preferable at this time.
Hisayo Yimada
For: Yasushi Asanishi
President &CEO
GOSHO Industrial Co. Ltd.
Tel: +81-6-6612-8981

A quick Internet search about this Yimada fellow led me to the Tennessee Bar Association’s site, which sited this article that identified the aforementioned letter as nothing more than a bad cheque scam.

So, there you go.

3 thoughts on “Scam alert: Hisayo Yimada

  1. Brian Murphy

    Thank you for posting your scam alert regarding Yimada Hisayo/GOSHO Industrial as I received an identical email. I have noted that these scam artists have been deliberately using Japanese companies/names (even though the names are most often not spelled correctly). That is because most receptionists at the companies do not speak any English making it almost impossible for an attorney who does not speak Japanese to call and attempt to confirm whether the inquiry is legitimate.

  2. Jeffrey Cohen

    I received the same contact. Being a bit skeptical, I asked him for the name of the purchaser’s attorney. Thanks for posting this notice. It’s also fairly well known in Canada.

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