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Settling into new office and other changes

25_IS_7579319_mikdam_2x1On April 4, the Nobles Law Firm, PLLC opened its full time location at 149 S. Market St. in Benton, Ark.

For the past couple of years, the Nobles Law Firm has been a part-time enterprise as the businesses’ namesake — Ethan C. Nobles — ran the Benton-Bryant Realtors Association and practiced a little law on the side. Nobles now dedicates his attention fully on the law firm and has been joined by his wife, Office Manager Marci Kay Nobles.

Goheen Legal Services, LLC shares an office with Nobles Law Firm and the two companies do tend to work on cases together from time to time.

Like just about any business out there these days, the Nobles Law Firm pays attention to social media as evidenced by the links over to the right for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You’ll find some more traditional ways to keep in touch, too, such as this site’s RSS Feed, ability to subscribe to posts via email and a link promoting the convenience of sending an email directly to Nobles.

Oh, and there are other ways to keep in touch, too. Click here to send a question to Nobles and — if you really want to use some old technology — check the right sidebar to see if Nobles is online to visit with you by Yahoo! Messenger. Sure, instant messengers may be reminiscent of dial-up modems, the days when Yahoo! was the biggest and baddest Internet company on the block and a time when the Internet was little more than the CB radio of the 1990s, but we still like that old technology around here.

So, what kind of law gets practiced around here? Family law, criminal law, probate, collections, contracts, real estate, evictions, bankruptcy, disability — just general stuff, really. If you’ve got a legal problem, there’s a good chance the Nobles Law Firm can help.

If you have a legal question or issue, please get in touch.

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